Day 19: ‘I watched a beautiful film tonight… I was so absorbed I actually forgot we were in a coronavirus crisis’

I watched a beautiful film tonight called Blinded by the Light. It is a story of an Asian guy about my age who got hooked on Bruce Springsteen in the 80s. It was the start of his personal development that took him away from a strict family upbringing of Pakistani heritage and ultimately bought him a ticket out of Luton. I was so absorbed actually forgot we were in a coronavirus crisis. I am not a Springsteen fan, although probably should be on the basis of the film. It reminded me a lot of my own upbringing, growing up in my own environment but escaping to university to get the f*** out of Dodge.  I think a lot of people will connect to it. It was unexpectedly brilliant. I am sure the film will mean lots of things to lots of different people.