Day 21: ‘I have spent my Easter break getting drunk and watching films about music… but the greatest sound I heard was the birdsong in Western Park’

Contributor: Mark:

Good Friday was my first full day of holiday/break from work since the ‘lockdown’. I say ‘lockdown’ as I’m convinced more draconian measures are coming our way as some idiots complete to flout the social distancing rules. I  have spent my Easter break wisely. Getting drunk and watching films about music. I previously wrote about Blinded by the Light – the story of an Asian kid who fell in love with Springsteen, which was brilliant. Then I started London Town, a ludicrous film about a boy who drives a London black cab at 14 without getting caught and somehow befriending Joe Strummer of the Clash. Then I watched Yesterday, a film about what life might have been like if the Beatles has not been a global musical force. Then I finally started ‘The Future is Unwritten’, the life of Joe Strummer, in a late attempt to understand the genius of The Clash, or otherwise. They are sounding better the more I get to understand them, but the greatest sound I heard this weekend was the birdsong in Western Park:   

The birdsong in Western Park